The PolarMap Module offers Modders to Advance their Maps functionality. We have developed features that make the Maps that implement them stand out of the Vanilla-Game Maps.

With simple and easy-to-use Scripts that we make available to download through our PolarLauncher and then be used in Unity, we can offer all Modders that want to try out something new for their Mods & Maps an easy start.

Seasonal Trees

Seasonal Trees check their surroundings for the snow depth and change their appearance depending on the level. This adds more realism for gameplay in the Summer or Winter Season and makes the trees appear in a more saturated green when playing in the warmer months of the year.

Read the Docs for the Seasonal Trees here.


The PolarSeasons Module adds the ability for modders to implement a year-cycle in seasons to their map. The UI displays a Day, Date and Season. With multiple commands you can set settings such as the Day or the amount of Days that skip forward after each night.

Read the Docs for the PolarSeasons here.