Table of Contents

PolarSeasons #

The PolarSeasons Module adds the ability for modders to implement a year-cycle in seasons to their map. The UI displays a Day, Date and Season. With multiple commands you can set settings such as the Day or the amount of Days that skip forward after each night.

Commands #

Initializes the Script.

/PolarSeasonsSetUI [true|false]

Shows or Hides the UI on the top right of the screen.

/PolarSeasonsSetDay [1-365]

Sets the day of the year, ranging from 1 (January 1st) to 365 (December 31st).

/PolarSeasonsSetMode [1|2|3]

Sets the pace that days progress with each ingame day, ranging from 1 (being 1 day progress/night), 2 (being 2 days progress/night) to 3 (being 7 days progress/night).