Welcome to our map Järvi. It's placed on an island in the beautiful Finnish Lapland. The island offers a beautiful view of the lake and if you are lucky you can spot some northern lights. The ski resort provides an Uni-G Vision hybrid lift and three surface lifts from the Austrian manufacture Doppelmayr. Furthermore, Järvi also got a really exotic ropeway. A Pulsed movement aerial tramway connects the village of Järvi with the top of the mountain. We wish you a nice stay on our map Järvi.

Not fully compatible (Working on a solution)

The essentials at a glance

Mapping: Kitzlift

Ingaming: Colin, PixelJeb

Scripting: Colin

Modelling: Colin, Mango6278, PixelJeb

Surface lift models: gamer5980

Supported by:




Some models from:


January 04, 2021
GUB Carrier-Position fixed (New Savegame needed), Sunkid Cord Lift AI, CGD fixed Translations, Combilift labeling swapped labelin fixed, Carrier Trigger fixed in Sunkid lift, Ropeway Floodlight labeling fixed, Ticket Shop windows fixed, Spelling mistake on the ropeway signs fixed, Conveyor Texture Fix at CGD, Custom message lenght increased, OmegaIV info sign fixed, Open bar light emission added, GUB Light in Top Station fixed, Frey AG Stans control fixed (Improoved Multiplayer compatibility), Support Yokes position fixed, Skitrap gate size is now bigger, GUB Support wheel direction fixed, 30m GUB Support textures fixed, Package shop fixed, Rotondo collisions can be disabled for grooming - Economy System fixed (New Savegame needed), Funpark objects can now be disabled, CGD seat carrier number texture changed, Translations at port fixed, Fixed some lights at some houses, Added more weather situations, Some tiny terrain improvements, Improved chair positions, Glass textures improved
January 02, 2021


Järvi Map can now be loaded
January 02, 2021

Järvi released


Available in PolarLauncher