PolarLauncher FAQ

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When I start the installer, windows tells me that the program is maybe a risk for my PC. Is the program safe to use?

We know that Windows sends this warning message.

Polarflow isn't registered as a certified Microsoft publisher, which causes this warning message. We try to fix this problem as soon as possible.
The PolarLauncher is a safe program, we will never steal any personal information from your PC.
We created the PolarLauncher to simplify the process of mod downloading.

To Install the PolarLauncher click on More info and then on Run anyway.
Now the normal installation process should start.

I got a message that I need to install .NET . How can I install it?

If Windows requests you to Install the .NET Core click on Yes.
The installation page of .NET should pop up in your browser.

Click on Download x64, and open the .NET installer that you just downloaded.
After opening the installer click on the Install-Button.
When the installation is finished, close the .NET Installer.

Now you should be able to open the PolarLauncher.

I get a Zip Error / Mod download failed message, what can I do?

In most cases, the error can be fixed by adjusting your game path. We explain how you can change the path under "When I click on Play the error tells me that i need to chack my path. How can I do that?"

After you have changed your path, restart the PolarLauncher.

If the error still appears, it could be the case that you never installed a workshop mod. Install a mod, no matter which one. (You need to do that, because we install our mods into the workshop folder.)

When I click on Play the error tells that i need to check my path. How can I do that?

To find out the correct WRS Game Path you need to open Steam .
Right click the Winter Resort Simulator Season 2 in your Steam Libary, click on Manage and then on Browse local files.
After that the Windows Explorer should open up. Copy the Path-URL from the Explorer, paste it into the bottom left Input-Field and confirm the changes with the button

I accidentally deleted the mods from the mods folder. Can I reinstall them?

Yes, you only need to click the Reinstall-Button next to the Play-Button in the PolarLauncher.

The FAQ didn't solve the problem?

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