Järvi Support

How do PolarSeasons work?

The PolarSeasons Module adds the feature of a year-cycle with seasons to Järvi.


The UI displays a Day, Date and the current Season on the top right of the screen. With multiple commands you can set settings such as the Day or the amount of days that skip forward with each day-night-cycle.


The Seasonsal Changes affect Tree appearance (with or without Snow), the Sun-Latitude, the Sunrise/-set Times and the Light-Effects on the Map.


/HideUI [true|false]
/PolarSeasonsSetDay [1-365]
/PolarSeasonsSetMode [1|2|3]

Toggles the visibility of the PolarSeasons UI-Elements.

true = UI is visible.

false = UI is invisible.

Sets the current day of the year.

1      = January 1st

365 = December 31st

Sets the speed that days progress during each day-nigh-cycle.

1 = With each Ingame Day, 1 real Day passes

2 = With each Ingame Day, 2 real Days pass

3 = With each Ingame Day, 7 real Days pass

Manually Resyncs the Season-System with all Multiplayer Players


This feature is currently in advanced development. We arte testing the feature public on our Järvi map for the first time.

Tha goal is to release this Module for public use so Developers and Modders can implement it’s features on their own maps. This is already possible currently but is limited to the variables, such as Sun Latitude, we set for Järvi. Future options for setting those parameters for your own map are currently in the works.

Another thing that is currently available for all maps are the Seasonal Trees. They react to the Snow level beneath them and change their appearance from snowy to a more summer-themed style without snow. The trees can be placed as an object on each map that has the PolarMap-Mod activated (requires Download through our PolarLauncher).


Please report Bugs and Issues in our Discord. We have tested the Module in both Single- and Multiplayer but need feedback from the broad public to squash any issues that may occur.